Submission rules

Interrogations, Comments, Submissions, & Ransoms,
send us a transmission at:

Art submission rules:

The deadline for submissions is the first day of every month.

1) Please have your work relate to the theme of the month!!!
2) must be in jpeg, png or gif format (we won't accept anything else).
3) size limit = anything from 10" to 15" in width with a resolution of dpi 72
5) Along with your piece give us your name (or artist pen name) and art website.
6) We accept any style of art : from comics to paintings, as long as it relates to the given theme!
7) NO PORNOGRAPHY (even if it's tentacles. sorry), BUT WE ACCEPT NUDITY.
Keep your work PG, PG-13 or even rated M, but we do not accept anything rated XXX.