Friday, October 8, 2010


Hey Kiddies!

This weekend Wonderlustcomics' space pirates, Cap'n Kat and Quartermasta Paiges have taken time out of their monster battling adventures to attend New York Comic Con & New York Anime Fest.

They will be wandering amongst fellow nerdtrons.
Be sure to say HI and take pictures!

We'll be posting our own con adventure photos as well as yours (email them to us peeps!).

Saturday's journey will be posted soon.

For now, we show you what we have done today :

Strike a pose! Quartermasta Paiges ready for action!

Pretty cool guy. We thought he had a spacey flare!

Yes... sexy Space Pirates eat McDonalds too!

(sadly the photo came out blurry)
Isn't she amazing? This cosplayer is really nice and has perfect breasts for big chested characters!
Paiges: Unlike me... sigh...

An adorable cosplayer who just was the sweetest thing ever. She is welcome aboard our ship anytime!

We both go Pew Pew!

Adorable random gay drunk guy! He noms on Paiges hair... but we're ok with that!

Time for a sexy pose! People in the real world -- outside of the convention -- are just so fun to run into!

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