Saturday, October 9, 2010

NYCC/NYAF weekend overview

Hey folks.

Well if you didn't already know, NY Comic Con & Anime Fest is officially over.
And it has been a total blast!

We've met old friends, new friends, and seen lots of interesting costumes.

Pac WoMAN!

Roy Burmeister

Sexy Darth Vader

An amazing Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers!

Our friends Tony and Mario!

An amazing Sailor Moon! She looks just perfect.

A perfect Doctor Who/David Tennant (One of Cap'n Kat's fav. actors fyi )

Though she is a girl... it's so scary how much she looks like Sokka!

An astonishing Ciel from Kuroshitsuji!

They hand made their own dresses.
So cute!

Then there were some people we met along the way who just looked fabulous!

We ran into a Sexy Space Alien Band! We're definitely going to have them come aboard our ship as the evening entertainment.

The oh so fabulous Paigey! A good friend of ours and a fellow artists that we look up too!

We met these cuties originally in a McDonalds, and we just couldn't keep away from them!

Another good friend, Jiwon, who designs her own lolita dresses and cosplays.
She worked at the convention for Loli-Con-NY.

Speaking of costumes, both Cap'n Kat and Quartermasta Paiges made an appearance on Saturday as our space pirate selves, made by yours truly.

We walked around the con with our fantastic and brightly colored costumes (we've gotten so many compliments), found ourselves surrounded by geek paparazzi, promoted our site with our cute business cards, and even got interviewed, three times!!
Go us!

Having both cons in one place was certainly a new and interesting setting; it was made possible to see how two worlds, Comics & Anime, collide, and since both Quartermasta Paiges (mostly an anime otaku) and Cap'n Kat ( fan of just about everything else I guess) are nerds of these two worlds, it was easy for them to adjust to this new setting.

According to Paiges, sadly, there were way fewer Anime panels, and the anime section in the Dealer's room was located to the far left end of the room, and had a narrow pathway (it's hard to walk into that crowd when you're worried someone's going to grab your spandex arse y'know).
By the end of the day, however, our feet were killing us; a sign of a productive day indeed, in heels. We're that badass.

(damn you gravity! Y'know, in space it's easier to wear cute heels!)

We had so much fun despite the fact we couldn't attend most of the panels like we planned. There's always next year of course!
But we did visit the artist alley o' course!! :

Lizabeth Jimenez
she's really talented & super adorable

(Kat: Met her at MoCCa and always wanted to buy her book Sacred, finally did >:}
Go read it!! It's manga influenced style, but nonetheless, Liz's work is beautiful.)

Ellen Su (pretty lady on the far right)

(Old high school friend o' mine, always admired her artwork.
She has serious photoshop painting skills like no other)

These are just some silly photos of our experiences of the convention:

Yes... Otakus get the chance to combine 2 Animes together!

Paiges: We're a special species.

This is how Paiges was feeling by the convention... (human disguise)
With our good friend Patrick!

Paiges: So the majority of the convention people either would call me Nia, from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, or Lady Gaga. I even got the name NiaGaga.
I am simply Quartermasta Paiges. Just to let you all know out there!

So Comic con's been a success and fun.

We hope to do this again some time.
In the meantime, we will await your submissions and photos from comic con.

Pew Pew!


(p.s. I saw this on the way to the con:)
this was a sign my day was gunna be awesome.

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