Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Month, New Theme

Hey lads and lassies!

Unfortunately, the fun month of costumes, booze and razor filled candies is officially over. It has been a blast, despite some nasty end results (aka Cap'n Kat getting an infected eye, and both Quartermasta Paiges & First Matie Eliss getting sick. yuck!).

On the bright side, a new month calls for a new theme.
Drum roll puleaseee!

We'll give you a hint: It's something edible. And NO it's not the girl, you sickos!

Totally random and not thinking about Thanksgiving at all, this month's theme so happens to be "FOOD".

Interpret this theme however you want folks!
It can about your favorite food, your worst food, what you would like to eat, WHATEVER. WE ACCEPT ANYTHING (keep it rated PG folks).

Eat while you draw, draw what you eat, and hey, you can even eat your drawing! (as long as you scan it first and send it to us via internets!!)

Just have fun, and don't forget to go over our Contact page for submission guidelines.

ta ta for now!

Pew pew!


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