Friday, October 29, 2010

Pre-Halloween Fiasco!

Hey ya crazy kiddies!

It's time for our usual Wonderlustcomics report.
As you all know, Halloween is just around the corner, and this week has been hectic!

First and foremost, we would like give a hugeeee thanks to our fabulous art contributors, for they have made our first ever month a success! (psshhhtt, make sure to visit the Gallery page to see what the hell I'm talking about!).

Ok, so a lot has happened over the week.
The good ole Halloween spirit started with a huge SVA party at Dave & Busters.

Here are the results of the fabulous costumes we've seen at the party:

Cap'n Kat as a Dia De Los Muertos Beauty
(image courtesy of Hyein)

Quartermasta Paiges aka Lady Gaga VMA 2009

Sea Artist Hyein as a zombie Prom Queen

traveling on the train with costumes, oh what fun!

Quartermasta Paiges as Gaga on a train

We all spazzed/jizzed when we spotted
this amazing
Dr. Frank-N-Furter! (Rocky Horror)

a cute Carol (Where the Wild Things Are) and Jimmeny Cricket (Pinocchio)

Quartamasta Paiges with one of our artists, Amanda Aliperti!

Another artist, Kate Morrison, with our friend Tami!

Gaga getting it down during Bad Romance.

a cute Finn the Human (Adventure Time)

A really cool iron man/woman with a handmade chest repulsor transmitter
(using items found in a dollar store. dayum girl, serious talent!)

us posing next to an awesome Roy Lichtenstein
walking piece (Kat: I honestly thought it was Tank Girl, :^<)

Aside from the spectacular SVA party, on Friday October 29th was the SVA Zombie March!
Where several cool cats in zombie attire put on their zombie face on, and walked from our meeting point to Union Square in a crowd of the walking dead.

Surgeon Monica and our zombie makeup fail.

We achieve to succeed. Good job!

our family portrait

photobooth time yalls

Zombie Connor, one of the best gay man you'd
ever meet with a "to die for" jacket

our friends, Carissa and Jennifer as zombies. Rad!

a swarm of zombies coming down and getting out for the march

Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances (aka enjoying the hell outta the zombie march and prefering not to take more pictures) we don't have enough pictures of us zombies scaring the bejebus outta folks in restaurants, taxis, old ladies on buses, toddlers, and just about anything "alive" in our way.

We walked all over sidewalks, and even onto the streets, banging on car windows, and yelling the occasional "Braainnnnsss". We even tried to enter a Duane Reade in a whole crowd of about 30 kids (probably more) but was immediately stopped by authority (arghhh racists!).

Other than that, the zombie walk was fun. And we look forward to next year o' course!

We'll be reporting soon for the Dia De Los Muertos festival by St. Mark's Church and Halloween of course!

Until then, take care!!

Pew pew!


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