Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back From The Dead

Hey there kiddies, Wonderlust here. As our fans may see, our entire layout has been changed as well as our icon. Do not fret youngsters, for our purpose is still to help aspiring artists!
(Also, we found out a way to make our gallery a whole lot easier to use, so we're now formatting the images, so please excuse our appearance!


This upcoming Friday (April 29th) is the School of Visual Arts mini comic convention also known as FRESHMEAT, taken place at
the Monkey Bar Lounge at 217 E. 23rd st.

At this event, brave cartooning and illustration kids show off their current works to the public by means of selling or even art trading their stuff. Many publishers, the press, or even fellow professional cartoonists come to FreshMeat every year, and a selected few get chosen for art reviews, honorable mentions, etc. Basically,
it's a big deal for SVA kids!

Even our own Wonderlustcomic member Kat Fajardo has a table and will be selling her comics including the Wonderlustcomics zine! She'll be sharing table 3 with the talented Yao Xiao and Christina Sciorilli!

So you should definitely come!
Bring all your family and friends too!

Facebook event:


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