Sunday, April 24, 2011

Live comix reading

On Friday, April 22nd was the School of Visual Arts Live Comix Reading, an event where brave cartooning students read aloud their own comics from a large projection screen.

At this event, students are given a chance to show off what they have been laboring over for weeks.
Several talented cartooning students from all grades presented their fantastic works.

Finishing his second year of Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) Aodhan has shown an impressive level of artistic
talent. He never fails to present work thatappears to be at a high DC/Marvel level.

We look forward to seeing more of his work in the future!

At the last comix reading, senior cartooning major Steve Yurko read his sailor moon parody (Galaxy Girls, where guys transform into sailor scouts [link]) which was so brilliant and hilarious that he sent the whole floor laughing.
This time, interestingly enough, Steve took his cute cartoony comic and made a unique second version of it...

Filled with intense manga characters on steroids.
This kid has a way with comedy. Great Job Steve.

  • Shauna J. Grant (site)

Like the artist, O-Panda is girlie and quite adorable.

The story depicts the struggles of a sidekick named Cheergirl and how her role as a sidekick is belittled compared to a great hero like O-Panda.

Shauna is finishing her senior year at SVA.
We'll keep an eye out for more of your cute work Shauna! :D

  • Megan Brennan & Rel Finkelstein

"Papa Teach Me To!"

Is a phrase that should catch on over the interwebs. These hilarious strips are the creation of two talented senior cartooning students, starring a curious unicorn boy and his wise old papa. In each of these strips, the little unicorn boy always starts off with a question which funnily enough are questions asked by readers!

You can contribute to the strips by going to their site's "Papa Teach Me To!" section and watch your questions become a comic! (site)

Megan's own Bowling Ace is an inspiring story of a young girl working her way up in a bowling competition.

The art style is lovely as well as the
coloring. Megan is just talented!!
You go girl!

link to Megan's work
link to Riel's work

Li-Or is a talented second year cartooning major from Israel.

Like her personality, her work is very sweet and quite lovely.
By looking at her comics, you can tell right away that this lil lady aint afraid of experimenting with the brush.
Her loose brushwork is quite fitting, and very unique. And don't get us started with her prints!

Li-Or sold her work at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this year in addition to being interviewed for the National Post (read it here:link! ). Good job girl! :D

  • Hilary Allison (link)
This social butterfly presented her current junior thesis comic based on the fairytale originated in Norway and Iceland called Tatterhood; a story about twin princesses, one ugly and the other beautiful, who grow up together as best friends.
One day, trolls/witches attacks the castle, and the pretty sister's head turns into a calf's head. The ugly sister, Tatterhood goes on a journey to retrieve her sister's head.

We don't want to ruin the story, but we must say we were really blown away by Hilary's work. The woodcut style of the comic fits the folktale quite nicely, giving it a beautiful antic look.
Be sure to read more of her comics at her site!

Our very own Wonderlustcomics crew member Kat presented her comics "Pugs on Drugs" and "Let Me Just...Argh!" for the first time at a Live Comix Reading.

"The experience was amazing, not so much when I was on stage, I was a nervous wreck, but nonetheless I can't say I didn't have loads of fun. I'll definitely do this again, and probably hire some voice actors while I'm at it..."

Kat is finishing her second year of cartooning.

  • Jennie Haemi Choung (link)

Jennie is finishing her senior year at SVA.

Her current comic series, Adventures of Geekie consist of a silly character named Geekie and her crazy antics. Very cute!

As one of Wonderlustcomics' favorite submitter, Henry presented his comics Two Monsters and The Kids With The Powers (shown above).
Finishing his senior year at SVA, Henry is a cartooning major whom never fails to present remarkable works; his inking and texture techniques are indeed wonderful. We're excited to what Henry has to offer in the future. Good luck kiddo!

P.S. He has a 102 paged graphic novel out, RayGirl.
(You can purchase copies here ! Support young cartoonists!)

So that is the end of our comic student report post.
Please be sure to check out these talented youngsters, and tell your friends all about them too!

Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for more posts.
See ya!


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